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Product of the Year For Electricians by Electricians

This year's platinum winner in the 2010 Product of the Year competition comes from the conduit fittings category and proves that a simple device can prevail in a high-tech world. The Electrical Bypass is more>>

Electrical Bypass Wins First Prize at IEC Show >>

New! We also have Multi pacs, 5 of each size in clear or red.

The Electrical Bypass
Electrical  conduit bypass
Electrical contractors save time and money with new electric conduit wiring bypass

snaking conduit wiring

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The Electrical Bypass Company

The Electrical Bypass is a disposable labor saving device providing electrical and communications contractors with the ability to wire a building that uses conduit boxes with pneumatics or conventional snake/wiring methods. This patented technology (U.S. Patent #6781054) is designed to immediately improve efficiency, saving time and money. For example, a project with two conduit runs with 20 box installations can result in the savings of 4 hours or more to the job.   

juction box wiring

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Works great
with conventional snake/wiring or pneumatics method

electric junction box

Reasons To Use The Electrical Bypass

1)  It saves you time:  For example A project with two conduit runs with 20 Gang Box Installation the electrician can save 4 hours or more.

2) It increases your profit, saves time, equipment. You could eliminate the need for an additional scissors lift in most cases.

3) It allows you to get more work: For example if you would normally quote 6  hours to snake and pull wire You can now do it in 2 hours, a 66 percent savings.  (Note) actual hours may vary based on the ceiling height, the equipment used and the experience of your people.

Results:  Less time to complete a job + lower labor cost + less equipment cost  = More Profits.

3/4" Bypass for use with 4" square box.  Part#  EBC-4-075
Sold in Bags of 20.

We now have new sizes avaiible, 1/2" 3/4" 3/4" long and 1". Now thinner, easier to
use and less expensive.
We also have Multi pacs, 5 of each size in clear or red.
Please call for pricing


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